Is: Martin Friis Jørgensen

Genre: Experimental music and dark ambient

Start: 1989


Nigrum Mitra
ed gein control
cd album 2014

Numbers of Timeless magic
ed gein control
cd album 2013
mastered by peter peter s

Silver fog concrete
Deathrare tapes 011
tape 2009
recorded in crucifiedhorse studio from 2004 - 2008

Polyphonical Mare fragments
cd album 2006

SELF RELEASES: No cd's was sendt out for promo. Only a few copies was made.
There were a lot of tapes from 1989 - 1999, but only few of the covers served...

The Mini Moog experiments
cd album 2011

When the moon became black, I was prepared
cd album 2005

Skyggeport MS20 experiments
cd album 2003

MFJ captured expr
cd album 2003

Experiemental works vol2
cd album 2002

Experiemental works vol1
cd album 2002

Electric frustration
cd album 2002

Dark Falls
cd album 2002

Early Expr III
cd album 1998 (compilation of all numbers)

MFJØRG experience - taped mind 2
cd album 2001

MFJØRG experience - taped mind
cd album 2000

MFJ experiment - museum af morbide nr4
tape 1995

MF experience tale 3
tape 1991

Also appears on:

Winter of Destruction
Deathrare tapes 030
Compilation tape 2012

Bizarre cannibal killing electro shock
hz records
2003 (under the name UFO MARK)